Roseville HOA Homeowners Association Lawn Care & Snow Removal



Need help gaining a vision and a plan to upgrade your facility’s landscaping?

Ready to update the curb appeal of your community’s buildings with plants?

Remember how tired the shrubs and plant beds looked at the association last year?


We know this story all too well—and there’s an easy answer!

A frustrated property manager shared the story of wanting to upgrade the landscaping and finding it difficult to get it done within budget. The desire was to have a pleasing environment they could be proud of without breaking the bank. They craved a realistic plan to enhance their surroundings. 

We heard comments from a customer who had a view of the neighbor’s yard which was simply and beautifully landscaped. Sadly, this family didn’t feel their property measured up. They wished they also had a yard that provided a pleasant view—for themselves and others. They wished for an easy solution.

A business owner talked with us about their company’s busy schedule and how they didn’t have time to maintain their landscape beds. They knew the shrubs were overgrown, and some were dying. It didn’t give a good impression of their business when approaching the building. They wanted something better. 

When you are ready to revitalize your property’s landscaping or the individual and common areas of your townhome association, give us a call. We know which plants are beautiful, hardy, and easily maintained. And we’re experienced at managing the planting, edging, and trimming as well as the rock beds and mulching. 

We’d be happy to discuss it with you and give you an estimate. Fill out our Contact form or give Kevin a call at 612-366-1425.

Excavation / put under landscaping

(prepare area to pour concrete for new storage)

Excavation put under landscaping Excavation put under landscaping Excavation put under landscaping Excavation put under landscaping Excavation put under landscaping


Remove outdated landscaping / install new 


Remove overgrown shrubs & install new landscaping beds

Clean and mulch existing landscaping


  Landscaping residential mulching