Summer Lawn Care

Roseville HOA Homeowners Association Lawn Care & Snow Removal


Marvel at Minnesota’s plush, green grass with our consistent, trusted standards of mowing, trimming and cleanup. Add water and sunshine, and you’re good to go! Summers are beautiful, and we enjoy contributing to that pleasant view. 

We do a thorough cleanup in spring and then perform weekly mowing and trimming to provide a consistent setting and curb appeal. We have the best results when mowing to a height of 2.5 inches– 3 inches. At this height, the grass doesn’t dry out so quickly in periods of no rain, and if cut too short, it seems to allow more weeds. In general, you’ll simply have much healthier grass at these levels. 

As in the winter, we use commercial-grade equipment for a beautiful, healthy lawn. During our spring and fall cleanups, our leaf vacuums quickly manage the leaves. We have several styles and sizes of mowers to use depending on the application. Our larger, zero-turn riding mowers deliver a nice finished product and eye appeal, while our smaller, walk-behind mowers can reach difficult areas or grades as well as those hard-to-reach spots under the trees. 

Enjoy full-service, professional lawn care

Trimming is also an important element for the final product, and we use our heavy-duty trimmers around trees, signs, fire hydrants—and anywhere the mowers can’t reach. Our powerful, back-pack leaf blowers are also commercial grade and provide the final cleanup touches to move the leaves and blades of grass off patios, sidewalks and flower beds. 

We provide HOA lawn care as well as services for apartment complexes and businesses in Roseville, New Brighton, Arden Hills, Shoreview and Mounds View, Minnesota. And yes, we take care of some wonderful residential homeowners too.

At Green Planet, we go out of our way to ensure quality results and delighted customers. Let’s start a conversation about how we could help you enjoy those same results. Call us at 612-366-1425 to schedule a site visit or fill out our Contact form and we’ll get back to you.